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Counselling Skills – Basic and Beyond

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Industrial and technological advancement has resulted in increased material comforts, higher prosperity but a sedentary lifestyle. This progress has led to breakdown of joint families into small, nuclear families.
There is less social interaction, less time for others, loneliness, anxiety and stress. Statistics show that the rate of mental disturbances in terms of suicide, alcoholism, drugs, marital breakdown and the like are increasing at an alarming rate.
In short there is deterioration of physical and mental health due to a rapidly changing lifestyle. From amongst those who suffer from psychological disorders, there is a vast majority who have no access to proper help or guidance. Such persons then turn to unscientific sources like godmen, black magic, and other unhealthy practices. These worsen their problems rather than giving them solutions.

Counselling is a practical activity. The aim of this book is to offer a practical framework to enable those who work in the health professions to develop a range of counselling skills. This book will also offer a theoretical base (grounding) that may help in understanding the basic concepts associated with counselling.

This book is aimed at any of those people who work in the health professions: practising occupational therapists, social workers, teachers from various fields, HR professionals and voluntary workers. This book does not seek to provide information specific to the work of those groups but aims at demystifying counselling concepts which often acts as a barrier to effective counselling. It seeks to make available all the skills involved in counselling to these helping professionals. This book intends to supplement the knowledge and understanding of these helping professionals who already have vast knowledge and experience in their respective field of work.


1. Basic Counselling Concepts
2. Effective Communication
3. The Counselling Process
4. Managing the Counselling Session
5. Developing Counselling Skills


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Book Details:

Book Name:Counselling Skills – Basic and Beyond
Authors: Dr Dattaram Satpute and Prof Sandeep Sinha
Edition: February 2013
Price: Rs 250/-
Courier Charges:50/-