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  • Areas of diversity in counselling and helping

Over the last decade there has been a growing interest in diversity-sensitivity counselling and helping. All counsellors, helpers, and clients possess a mixture of different characteristics that they bring to the entire process of counselling. They also have perceptions and evaluations of these different characteristics in themselves and others. There is no such thing as perfect counsellor-client matching, though there may be important similarities, e.g. regarding culture and race. Not only do issues of diversity influence the counselling relationship, but there can also be special counselling needs and challenges attached to each of the different characteristics or areas.  Read More

  • Effective Listening Skills

Listening is as important as talking. Good listening involves encouraging other people to say interesting things, understanding the things that they tell us, and being sensitive to the thoughts and feelings that underlie the things that they tell us.

Listening must be active as well as passive. It is not enough just to listen: We must show that we are listening. Body, face, eyes, and voice – all should combine to tell the other person that we are taking in what he or she is saying. Read More

  • Importance of Non-verbal communication

Non-verbal communication creates more impact than verbal communication. Non-verbal cues are especially important in conveying feelings, accounting for 93 percent of the emotional meaning that is exchanged in any interaction.
Non-verbal communication has a great advantage that people consider it as reliable. Read More

  • Counselling Skills

1. Pre-Helping Stage
2. Stage 1 – Explorative Stage
3. Stage 2 – Integrative Stage
4. Stage 3 – Action Plan
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  • Personal Qualities of the Counsellor
  1. Empathy
  2. Warmth
  3. Genuineness

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  • Different Areas Of Counselling
  1. Family—>Premarital, Marital, Children
  2. Organization
  3. Society
  4. Personal—> Health, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Suicidal, Vocational

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