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Pre Marital
Pre Marital Counselling

premarital1Compatibility and commitment are crucial to a stable, long-lasting relationship.
It’s always wise to identify and resolve issues in the relationship before marriage.How to get along well in fact depends a lot more on being the right person rather than finding the right person.As divorce rates continue to increase, youngsters today view marriage more critically. In fact, they are anxious to know a lot of things before actually tying the knot.Choosing the right partner, expectations from spouse, personal and career goals are some of the concerns usually faced by would-be brides and grooms. Pre-Marital Counseling guides couples on how to avoid getting into unpleasant, unwanted situations.It helps resolve issues in the relationship before marriage.


Marital Counselling

maritalIt’s not uncommon for couples to face some rough weather after taking the vows.
What is important, though, is straightening things out. Identifying the root cause of the conflict and finding a solution can help control the turbulence.Almost every couple faces challenges and conflicts at some point in their marriage. Incompatibility with spouse (and in-laws), misunderstandings, inability to settle differences, career, money and sex life are some of the factors that could adversely affect married life.The practice of marriage counseling provides professional psychological assistance to individuals and married couples with the purpose of modifying interpersonal conflicts resulting from adaptive attitudes and behaviors associated with family life.


Vocational Counselling
VocationalTreading on the right path is pivotal in reaching the destination of success in your career and life.
But how do you know you are cut out for a particular job or profession? Finding that out is important, as this will help you choose wisely.
Choice, and not chance, is the key to success in life. And the choice of vocation is one of the very important decisions a person must make for himself.
However, research has revealed that this choice is not a spur-of-the-moment decision. It is the outcome of a developmental process that can be traced back to the individual’s early life. Some choices are made by the parents even before the child is born and force upon him/her.
Vocational counseling systematically helps in making the right career choice depending on ambition, aptitude, preference and capability.


Stress Counselling                                              

stressDaily life and stress go hand-in-hand.
Stress can be a positive thing and help you be more productive, more competitive. However, too much stress is detrimental to your overall well-being.Our single-minded pursuit of happiness often leads to disappointment and frustration. As we seek more wealth and material comfort, higher status and greater emotional security, we overwork our body and overstrain our mind. This eventually leads to stress.Stress Counselling endeavours to make people aware of where their happiness lies; it makes people understand their own realistic needs and desires and in the process helps them to manage their stress effectively.


Personal Counselling
personalIs something nagging you and disturbing your peace of mind?
Problems can upset us. The idea is to acquire skills that can help you comprehend the situation more accurately and get out of the spot smoothly.
Personal counseling is a one-to-one interaction between counselor and counselee. It’s a handholding session where the counselor expertly guides the counselee in finding a solution – whether it’s a problem in his personal life, professional life or social life.
The counselee approaches the counselor with a specific problem.The counselor applies certain skills to introduce and sustain in the counselee the learning process of self-exploration leading to self-understanding and action,so that the counselee changes his behavior and eventually solves his problem.


Suicidal Counselling
imgnotSuicide is a dreadful act; legally, attempting suicide is a crime.
Suicide denotes loss of hope and inability to get help. However, counseling offered at the right time can turn around an individual and bring him back into the mainstream.
Suicidal thoughts are often outcome of depression and frustration, which can be compounded by overwhelming stress.
Failures in exams, a dissatisfactory career, unstable or broken relationships are some of the reasons for suicide among youngsters.
The suicidal person feels locked in a situation that is without hope and without Suicide counseling offers the emotional support to successfully cope with suicidal thoughts. It helps the suicidal person come out of his shell and take a positive, refreshing view of life.