Behind Counselling People

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Counselling People is a group of experienced psychotherapists and corporate trainers who equip people with necessary life skills, enabling them to confidently cope with stressful situations..

Through assessment and counseling, we empower individuals with the capacity to overcome challenges – in their personal, social or professional life.

We enable our clients to better understand themselves, thereby bringing out the best in them and making their life more meaningful.

Our proven training programmes are extensively sought by the leading corporates to understand , assess and develop their human capital.

Counseling People is a Counselling and Training centre that facilitates self awareness, change and growth.

In today’s highly competitive age underlined by rapid change, life can go off track. Existence becomes miserable – often stressful – as people struggle to cope with emotional, social, family or work related issues.

At Counseling People, we help clients overcome challenges successfully.

Psychotherapy is our core area; we offer a range of psychoanalytic services and training programmes structured for individuals, couples, families and corporate houses.

Maintaining strict confidentiality, we offer you a comfortable environment to interact with us. Our skilled counsellors will listen, assess and guide you in the right direction.

Our mission is to help people to be aware of their own self, for meeting their needs, resolving their problems for attaining higher goals, by increasing their Self Esteem; leading to Self Realization.

Services portfolio

  • Counseling for individuals, couples and groups
  • Crisis Counselling (Counselling in times of crisis)
  • Psychometric Testing & Assessment
  • Premarital Counselling
  • Consultation for students, parents, professionals, corporates
  • Outreach and educational events and workshops
  • Suicide Prevention Program
  • General Mental Health awareness
  • Training & Development programmes
  • Stress Audit of Individuals & Organisations

Corporate focus
Business agility is the watchword today in corporate circles. And for an enterprise to be agile, it has to hire the right people and bring out the best in them.
At Counseling People, this is precisely what we help corporates achieve.

Standing on a strong foundation of 20+ years’ excellence in Training and Development, Counseling People offers dedicated services to the corporate fraternity, ranging from the manufacturing industry to organizations in the services sector.

Employee selection, assessment, motivation, team building and leadership development are some of the areas in which we assist businesses.
We offer specialized training programmes for the HR, Marketing and Sales functions.